American artist Anne Taintor is considered to be the pioneer of combining the advertising imagery of the mid-20th century housewife with tongue-in-cheek captions and sarcastic slogans. Often imitated but never bettered, her distinctive visual style has been making smart people smile since 1985. In 2010, Anne Taintor, Inc. celebrated its 25th Anniversary, with Anne’s products now sold at more than 3000 stores in 25 countries.


Archie McPhee has been selling super awesome novelty giftware and homeware since 1983. Whether bringing home the bacon, indulging an interest in undergarments, or just generally exploring all that is good in kooky toys and household accessories, you never know what to expect when Archie and Co. find inspiration.


Belle & Boo are the creations of British illustrator Mandy Sutcliffe, whose nostalgic, 'story book' illustrations depict a charming life of innocence, warmth, and adventure. Since 2007, Mandy and her team in Bristol have made the world of the bob-haired girl and her adorable bunny friend an award winner, with every treasured product designed to embody all that adults and children love about traditional, old-fashioned story telling.


This is Boo, you’ll know him as the cutest dog in the world. An energetic and very lovable Pomeranian, Boo was born in 2006 on a sunny day in March. He likes squeaky toys and running around outside, and now features on this new range of goodies. With more than 2.6 million Facebook fans (and growing) worldwide from places as far as Malaysia, Canada and Germany, this little published star really is the cutest dog in the world. With two books to his name ah, it really is a dog’s life.



The team at Design Ideas spend much of their time and energy searching for new ways, new forms, new methods, and new materials - to express timeless sentiments, to celebrate time-honored seasons, and to organize an office or home.

Their touchstones are wonder, delight and order.

Design Ideas takes cues from everyday items. They shop at the same stores you shop at, listen to the same popular music, eat at the same restaurants, go to the same art museums, and read the same magazines. The team sit down with their crayons and paper to draw up innovative home and office accessories that they think people like and people like us would enjoy.

They've used this same formula for more than 25 years. A brother-sister team, Design Ideas® was formed in 1983. They had a million-dollar idea: a wire basket for toting toiletries from the bedroom to the bathroom in college dorms. The only alternative product at the time was a plastic paint bucket that didn't drain and eventually grew a rather vile "third life form" from a mixture of old toothpaste, shampoo and soap. Adopting the slogan, “No more mucky slop!,” They soon had a considerable customer base that they serviced out of the trunk of our blue Maverick.

Their passion of exploring ideas and inspired designs, has led to the development of a full range of functional, fashion-forward, and moderately priced home and office accessories that appeal to a broad range of design-conscious consumers.



The precious little Eggling looks and feels like an extra large egg, but crack its top and discover a garden ready for sowing!

Extremely popular in Japan, where it originated, the Eggling is made of white bisque (2 1/8” H x 1 7/8” Diameter). The Eggling comes with a peat mixture and seeds already inside (a terra cotta tray and an extra seed pack are also included). All are packaged in a colourful, distinctive gift box and presented in POP for store display.

Cultivation is easy – all the plants grow for up to five months in the Eggling’s fortified peat mixture, after which the Eggling can be planted directly in soil. The Eggling is one hot seller all year long – it is so darling, it captivates customers who soon find themselves buying two, three or more!


Inspired by a gurgling fish-shaped water pitcher he encountered at his brother's wedding in the south of France, Matt Ellison returned home to the USA determined to recreate the unique design. Ten years, two kids, and 15 moulds later, the GurglePot has arrived - and, as the slogan says, "It Really Gurgles". 


Hello gorgeous, happy days, make today beautiful and smile, they’re just some of the wonderful feelings Happy Jackson wants you to feel and say when you own anything from their happy range of wonderful products. And it all started when Giles sent Heather his sketch of a curious little pug, that little dog sparked the heap of ideas that you see before you today. So enjoy, be happy and smile every day.


Catalonian creatives Londji have crafted a whole new world of traditional games and toys, bringing vintage favourites back into vogue for new generations of children to immerse themselves in. Aimed at kids aged 3 to 103, their beautiful designs bring nostalgias warmth to playtime and are perfectly pitched for more curious children. Londji’s toys are a fusion of creativity, imagination, and the fundamental need to play. The company’s range of products is based on the desire to lead the market in high quality games and gifts.


MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art in Newyork attracts over two and a half million visitors each year with its artfully contemporary and creative pieces and installations. If you cant get yourself over to New York, why not bring a little piece of MoMA into your home like The MoMa Color Puzzles book, the Art While You Eat Place Mats or the MoMA Color Coloring Book. You can add modern and bright pieces like MoMA Topsy-Turvy Stacking Blocks or the MoMA My Museum which lets aspiring artists display their own creative and modern masterpieces (perhaps one day they’ll hang on MoMA’s walls). Finally the MoMA Play Town and MoMa Modern Play House are perfect for budding builders.



McLaggan Smith Mugs is a family business operating in Jamestown, a couple of miles from the shores of Loch Lomond in the West of Scotland. Established by Wally Smith in 1974, the company is now run by his wife Camille and daughter Polly. McLaggan Smith Mugs have 20 fantastic hard working employees printing and decorating the mugs in Scotland. Every week they despatch mugs all over the UK. They have customers throughout Europe and as far apart as the Falkland Islands and Japan.

Mclaggan Smith Mugs are designed to suit everyone from witty and whacky to smart and conventional. Ranges include Two Little Boys (based on the hugely popular range of notebooks), Collins Geo Mugs (fantastic graphic details of the Harper Collins maps), Roald Dahl (our favourite characters from the much loved books with text from the books on the reverse of the mug), Epic (something completely different, these fantastic silhouettes are the creation of talented photographer Ashley Coombes), and many more! If you have a particular theme, occasion or style you are sure to find it amongst the vast range of McLaggan Smith Mugs.



The MouseRug® truly stands alone amongst "mouse pad" type products with unequaled beauty, function and uniqueness. Never hot or cold, sticky or 'icky', the MouseRug®'s surface is made of millions of individual soft nylon microfibers with air space between to provide the most beautiful and comfortable mousing surface on the planet.

What do you do while reading? Because Lextra Fiber Graphics are all about touch, people rave about the stress-relieving qualities of the BookRugs--they give you something to do and generate soothing thoughts, providing a real function along with these stunningly rich designs and colors. We're also told musclemen (okay: body builders) are unable to tear one in half! 



Paladone Products Ltd was formed in 1991 and has spent the best part of the last two decades building it's position as one of the leading gift development comapnies in the UK.

We specialise in novelty gifts.... something that will make you laugh, but hopefully something that you can use or play with for the rest of the year, as well as just your birthday or christmas. Our ideas range from infra red shooting games, to quiz sets, to low voltage electric shock games.


Sort out your stationary with Pantone’s collection of functional and useful stationery, perfect for the home-office or just around the house. You can store your thoughts in the 50 Shades of Gray Flex Journal, Pantone Flexi Journal Rainbow, Pantone Flexi Journal Honeysuckle, Pantone Artist and Writer’s Notebook and Pantone Notes. Pantone’s 20th Century in Colour will take you on a visual tour of 100 colourful years. Add a touch of colour to your mail with Pantone’s Stationery Set and with the 35 Color Palettes Deck you’ll take the guesswork out of choosing between light grey and light, light grey. Lastly, Pantone’s Postcard Box is fi lled with over 100 postcards in a variety of hues to brighten someone’s day.



Propaganda was established in 1994 by a group of advertising experts who made commercials for major consumer products. Comprising of individuals that had gained invaluable exposure and experiences in home decor and functional products at an international level, they realised that something was missing from everyday products- that innate sense of playfullness.

The spirit of fun and sense of humour can be found in every aspect of Thai culture. Propaganda tries to capture these spirits around the working environment and emerse them into products under the brand Propaganda.



QUALY - “living with styles” is the combination of playful design and lively marketing team. Our goal is to create smiles on your everyday lifestyle. That’s why we never stop improving our designs, coloring choices, and product varieties to best fit any of your rooms. Not only the good design we concern about, but also the function of each QUALY design product we emphasize. We can make sure that we will surrounding you with and make your days always full of happiness and fun.   Let’s QUALY color your day with styles!



With more than 100 Angels in the range, there is a Sonny Angel designed to bring happiness to everyone. In their native Japan, 500,000 figurines are sold each year. With blushing cheeks and tiny wings, these nude characters come in a world of varieties, from animals to fruits and vegetables. And at just 7.5cm tall they are coveted collector’s items. Each POS contains 12 individually blind-boxed figurines so you can’t tell which Angel is hiding inside making it a fun surprise! Sonny Angels aim to bring a smile to each and every owner’s face.



We came into being in the last decades of the 20th century, when two brothers found their inner creativity in the midst of a dwindling academic job market. It turned out that making smart, funny things proved to be almost as satisfying as probing eternal questions (alright, maybe not quite). Although we still contemplate truth and justice, it is our enduring goal to fulfill the materialistic desires of the funny and sophisticated everywhere!

Despite what you may think, Unemployed Philosophers think deeply about the things we do and the objects we bring into this world. Personally, I tested the Kierkegaard finger puppet while reading Hegel’s Geisteswissenschaften. David and Alison did temporal thought experiments while wearing relativity watches.  Subsequent to eating a “Will to Power Bar” Jay had the energy to continue his day after declaring “God is dead.”

Anyway, suffice it to say we’re proud to return philosophy to the days of Thales, when a philosopher could, with some crackpot ideas, make a living and make the world a better place. How do we do it?  We just do.


“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”.  This quote by William Morris was very much in our minds when we launched ‘V&A Pretty Useful Tools’.  

It seemed therefore a natural progression from our floral decorated tools range to contact the Victoria and Albert Museum to develop more tools with designs from their vast archive of Arts and Crafts material and more specifically their works from the William Morris Company itself.  The Museum was delighted to get involved with our project, opening their vast archive for our perusal.  

In fact the Museum was established in 1852, following the great success of the Great Exhibition in the previous year with a founding principle to make works of art available to all, to educate working people and to inspire British designers and manufacturers. So it is with much happiness and pride that we were able to draw on the museum as a resource 155 years later and win numerous Gift Awards with our ‘V&A range of Pretty Useful Tools’.


Wild and Wolf came about because of an overwhelming desire to design and create beautiful, exciting, original and of course "Pretty and Useful" things. So we started out with the Pretty Useful Tools range back in 2005 and haven't looked back since. Hopefully since then we have managed to put together a collection of products which fulfills all of this and maybe more? We're certainly going to keep trying. We seem to be getting something right as our products have won a handful of awards starting off with Gift of the Year in 2006 for the Pretty Useful Tools range, then in 2007 and 2008 for the V&A tools for the home and garden, and most recently we've made it to the finals of the Licensing Awards with our Charlie & Lola range and the V&A Tools, winners to be announced in September, so fingers crossed!


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